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Black Velvet Soft Foam Ring Pads For Elegant Jewelry Displays - 3 pack


✔ Gives you an open view so you can find your favorite treasure in seconds with this unique jewelry tray.

✔ Keeps earrings and rings organized and easy to access

✔ Ideal to display standard-size rings but may also be used to keep-sake other jewelry of similar sizes such as pendants, earrings, or charms

✔ Made of high-quality velvet to store and protect all your kinds of jewelry

✔ Easily remove the tray from the showcase to allow customers to view your jewelry from the countertop

✔ Color - Black

✔ Weight - .1 lbs , .1 lbs, .2 lbs

✔ Dimensions - 7-3/4"w x 4-1/4"d x 3/4"h, 7-3/4"w x 6-3/4"d x 3/4"h, 14-1/8"w x 7-5/8"d x 3/4"h

✔ Material - Velvet covered foam

✔ Free shipping (the contiguous US only)

✔ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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